Christmas is coming!

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The Oxford st lights are on and Starbucks had its red cups and Xmas flavored out today!

The girls at work got the buy one get one free special at Starbucks for thier hot drinks, I had to try egg nog flavored coffee, it was as bad as it sounds


Pros vs cons list

•October 31, 2011 • 1 Comment

Get me my yellow legal pad! It’s pros and cons list time! Yeah! And kids, they actually cheered (how I met your mother quote)


Buzz of city life
Close proximity to Europe
friendly people

Lack of space
Bad food
Grumpy people

Tube – good system but overcrowded
Ridiculous commute
Chain stores- useful but bland
Tv shows – some are good but most of the ones people watch are horrendous
Lots to do – you can always find something but you are always missing out on something




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There is too much to do!
And I want to do everything right now!

To be fair, there are alot of exhibits and shows that have an end date ad I am getting paranoid that I might miss something really good.

Not to mention I can’t wait to move into my room, get settled and be able to get some stuff done.

I don’t think my mind is fathoming two years correctly, you would be surprised how quick that can go

Grrrrrrrr food!

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You would think white vinegar would be a staple item, but no!! Don’t even try to find corn starch!
They had to search the store room for refried beans after I explained to them what it was!

They have rice vinegar, hopefully that will work for pavlova or it’s just eggs and sugar, if I can find normal caster sugar grrrrrrrr!


That being said, I am in a better mood now, and remembering all the great food items that are available her that I am excited about.
Namely, naked juice, the magic green smoothie with healthy stuff in it that I am predicting will get me through the unhealthy diet over here.
Also, waitrose supplies international good including Japanese, Indian and Mexican and even Vegemite! (not that I care)

They even sell limoncello in the grocery store!!!!!

When I was shopping I saw Bob’s mill flours, two in the gluten free section! They are an American brand of alternative flours, gluten free bread mic and gluten free all purpose flour. They have all the mixtures you need in one packet! I also saw another brand that sold buckwheat flour, pancakes here we come!

I wanna do everything all at once!

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I have concluded that at this point in time I just need some patience, I want to be completely settled in but there is still so many things to sort out, not the least of which is a full time job.

Buy as someone very wise mentioned to me, I am not on holiday in London I am living here. so I am endeavoring to aim to go straight home after temp office work and do normal boring things.

The tate modern can wait, musicals can wait… At least for a little while.

Between visiting people and people visiting me, udon have that many weekends free forth next couple of months but I will have plenty of time later into 2012, I am sure, to be well proper bored. Therefore, the essence of these ramblings is that I keep reminding myself to have fun while I can and while my savings last!

Eating itsu for lunch in the park outside my workplace near Oxford circus




Paige and dobin visiting!

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Let u know…

One month

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It’s sunday the 16th October, exactly one month since I left Australia on Saturday the 16th september! Crazy.

Still settling in but I feel like I am almost starting to the the hang of the lifestyle here.

I am just always really tired…

Sick of public transport already. Took the bus 11 through the city yesterday, good views…


Nothing is quite what I thought it would be. Some things are harder while others are a lot easier than I expected.

Stereotypes are completely true, they do drink a lot of tea here, they all hang out in pubs and can’t handle their spicy food.
Whereas I have learnt how divers the cities around England are and that the national food (most eaten) is curry.

People are much nicer than I expected for a busy city